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I'm currently serving as an Assistant Professor for Brigham Young University at the Romney Institute of Public Service Ethics in the Marriott School of Business.

As a researcher, I focus on issues related to public and nonprofit management.  Particularly, my interests pull me toward research questions related to organizational accountability, crisis management, ethics, corruption, and misconduct across the sectors. 

It is important to me that I try to assist practitioners in improving their experience in individual roles and their organization's overall performance.  I believe strongly in teaching and research that bring results, which connect to real issues that individuals and organizations face routinely.  I care about improving organizations in regards to efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.  Increasingly, I see crises and scandals as a major phenomenon that plagues sector organizations today.  It is my hope that I can highlight the importance of needing ethical leaders and governance for troubling times in the present-day and the future.

I love teaching! In my view, it is a major calling to serve students and the community.  My teaching experience centers around public and nonprofit sector issues. 

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss my research, teaching, collaboration opportunities or for any other inquiries.

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